Crossing The Screen VR is a CREATIVE SKILLSET accredited course.

BFI Lottery Creative SKillset

Virtual Reality is at the cutting edge of the entertainment industry, with applications of technology quickly expanding well beyond filmmaking and game designing.


Technically speaking, the term Virtual Reality describes a 3D computer generated environment which, through particular devices, can be explored and interacted with by a person.
To stimulate our senses together, in order to create the illusion of “reality”, Virtual Reality requires the use of specific electronic devices, such as headsets, omnidirectional treadmills and special gloves.

Headset devices use a stereoscopic display to make what users see tridimensional and to give depth to what they are looking at. The ability to track a user’s motion allows the image in the headset to actually change according to your perspective.When users are able to interact with that environment and with things that are in it, their brains can truly perceive that world as “real”.

Stereoscopic view created by a VR headset

Crossing the Screen – VR Lab (5-6 November 2016) aims to offer a selected group of 20 participants a chance to build and develop a relevant set of skills in the new field of Virtual Reality and 360° Filmmaking.

Created for emerging industry professionals and film students wth no or limited background in VR production, Crossing The Screen – VR Lab is a 2-day intensive Workshop offering t its members a hands-on training with Virtual Reality and 360° camera systems and post-production technologies.

Teaming up with VR film production companies and qualified VR Trainers, the Workshop will offer participants a chance to receive relevant training in acquiring the tools to plan and produce Virtual Reality short videos, during the two-day training.

To be effective, the VR Lab members will work in small groups. Guided by VR Tutors, they will create short VR productions which will be screened during the last day of the Workshop.

Each individual participant will also receive a Level 1 Kolor Autopano Certification, valid for 2 years.

Kolor Autopano is the world’s most advanced panorama software that offers state-of-the-art solutions for new VR Filmmakers.

Did you know?

To date, Crossing The Screen is the only UK-based film festival offering a fully qualified Virtual Reality Workshop!