Catch a glimpse of African new Cinema in this Programme of short fiction films by up & coming African filmmakers. In collaboration with Short Films Africa.

Saturday 5th November, 7.15 PM
Approx. Runtime: 65 mins

ABDUCTED   UK Premiere
Nigeria, 2015
Dir. Yemi Jolaoso

Inspired by real-life events, the story of a young lady who found herself in the hands of a kidnapper disguised as a taxi driver. Faced with a life and death situation, she has to fight for her life.

KALEIDOSCOPE   Word Premiere
Kenya, 2016
Dir. Martin Githinji

A woman named Candy struggles to exit an infinite loop of an abusive relationship with an unidentified man. The psychological turmoil in her creates an alter ego, who completely takes over and continues the cycle of abuse.

GREY   UK Premiere
Nigeria, 2015
Dir. Samson Oklobia

Doofan, a young girl from a little village in Central Nigeria, becomes a victim of child marriage practised by her culture as she is exchanged into marriage in a practice known as “Yamshe“. Doofan had dreams of going to school and becoming a teacher, but all those dreams die in her new husband’s house.


Namibia, 2016
Dir. Oshoveli Shipoh

When a suicidal man meets a painter for the first time, he learns that doing the right thing is the only way out of his suicidal intention.


Uganda, 2016
Dir. George Stanley Nsamba

A depressed 20-year old guy who feels he has failed his journey of self-discovery in a crowded city, is shocked when he discovers it has less to do with him but most to do with the smartphone he holds…