Short films are infiltrating our everyday lives in new ways all the time. For starters, most people have smartphones, meaning that we are all able to film our surroundings at any given moment, sharing our current visual reality not only with our nearest and dearest, but also with a global audience of followers, who we may or may not have met. This ability to exchange ideas through short video recordings has huge potential, particularly in the field of marketing. Take the mobile app, ‘Seenit’, for example – this app works by people answering a short series of questions, while attending an event and giving their instant feedback in video format. 17, 000 000 people are currently engaged with the app and this number can surely only be on an upward trajectory considering the proliferation of smartphones in the digital age. Companies have already seen the potential of this personal type of feedback, which everybody is able to get involved with at the click of a button. Red Bull, BBC Earth, Vodafone and Puma are among some of the big names to have already used ‘Seenit’ as a means of event promotion.

‘Seenit’ declares on its website that it offers people the opportunity to ‘transform their employees into their film crew,’ suggesting that the footage created will be of a professional rather than an amateur quality. Of course, the quality of the videos is highly dependent on the camera used and the person behind it, but the app does offer users an online studio, with which they can direct, collect, curate, edit and publish video material. This app is in many ways an example of the democratization of filmmaking, meaning that expensive equipment or a physical studio space is not necessary to produce one’s own video reports. This is an exciting field to watch out for and as the quality of phone cameras continues to improve at a steady rate, it could not be long before entire T.V. shows are amalgamations of different individuals recordings, which have been recorded, collected and curated, so as to present the general public with an open, non-institutionalized alternative to conventional filmmaking.

Here is an example of a compilation of different people’s videos, taken when visiting MEC @ Cannes Lions 2016:

Check out the app:

Melita Cameron-Wood