From lovebirds to star-crossed lovers. From warm passions to Love triangles.
A sour sweet programme of animations & comedies that delves into the many faces of love.

Saturday 5th November, 11.30 AM
Approx. Runtime: 78 mins

BANK ROBBER’S SERENADE (Braquage serenade)    UK Premiere
France, 2015
Dir. Guillaume de Ginestel

A bank robber has fallen madly in love with one of the cashiers working at a bank he robbed. Finally overcoming his timid and overly romantic personality, he decides to kidnap her to declare his feelings. His clumsy, sky-masked courtship is a far cry from the customary candlelit dinner…

COMMON DENOMINATOR (Dénominateur commun)    UK Premiere
France, 2016
Dir. Quentin Lecocq

Ted is a geek who earns money by testing medicines. A revolutionary pill will change his life forever.

matyldaCREATURES (Kreatury)
Poland, 2015
Dir. Tessa Moult-Milewska

‘Creatures’ is a grotesque love story about Harold and Matylda – two caricatures of people, trying to adjust to the black and white environment they live in. 

DESERTED   International Premiere
USA, 2016
Dir. Anna Anakhasyan

A lonely, emotional cactus desperately wants to find love on the other side of the desert. He is determined to break out of his roots, into the wild desert.

SHIT (Scheiße)    International Premiere
Germany, 2016
Dir. Felix Kapfer, Jialu Hu, Frederik Schubert

Burning, never ending heat. Not even a fresh and cooling cowpat is around/near and all attempts for refreshment fail. This is no condition for an innocent fly. Relocation is inevitable. Fortunately, paradise is only a gaudy television ad and a few rescuing wing flaps away.

THE BEACH BOY (Singapore /Germany, 2015)
Dir. Hannes Rall

A tragic tale of star-crossed lovers from ancient Vietnam, animated in a style reminiscent of Vietnamese brush painting.

TWINS (Gêmeas)    UK Premiere
Brazil, 2016
Dir. Juliana Valente, Bianca Medina

Two twin sisters become rival with the arrival of an older cousin and the discovery of sexual desire.

WISE GIRL    UK Premiere
United Kingdom, 2016
Dir. Alex Swinfen

An eccentric young woman, who walks, talks and dresses like a Prohibition gangster struggles to cope when she is caught between a boy who fancies her and some loan sharks on a fateful day at work.