Love, fear, betrayal and laughter in a programme made of great shorts by some the best Sussex filmmakers out there.

Sunday 6th November, 4.45 PM
Approx. Runtime: 55 mins

United Kingdom, 2015
Dir. Seb Cox

After watching ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, this inventive Sussex filmmaker wanted to replicate the same “madness” in his own style…

United KIngdom, 2016
Dir. Steven Lancefield

A supernatural thriller about a seaside theatre which holds a dark secret…


ECHOES   World Premiere
United Kingdom, 2016
Dir. Josh Merritt

An ageing rock star recluse gives an interview with an inexperienced, anxious young journalist. But what connects them?

FLEUR DE LIS   World Premiere
United Kingdom, 2016
Dir. Paul Macauley

‘Fleur de Lis’ is the tale of goth florist Flora, whose encounters with a quirky but sweet customer sparks a journey through flowers, death and trolleys that could be her way back to life.

United Kingdom, 2016
Dir. William Ranieri

A creative child mistreated by his father will preserve his imaginary world even when in his adult life will found himself homeless.


THE MIDDLEMAN   World Premiere
United Kingdom, 2016
Dir. Gabriel Kellett

When a manipulative insurance woman introduces her weak-willed lover to her despised sales agent husband over dinner, the sense of who the real middleman in this triangle is, begins to change.