A varied programme of doc and fiction shorts about the many ways to survive life.

Sunday 6th November, 10.00 AM
Approx. Runtime: 111 mins

ANA SQUARE (Ana trg)
Croatia, 2015
Dir. Jelena Novaković

For already 40 years, without a single day of rest, Ana has been coming in front of the city church to sell the religious calendars and rosaries. She is receiving a regular pension and she doesn’t belong to the lowest stratum of society, but she has other motives. Only five meters away, Zorka, her immediate competitor, has placed her booth. Although they are in constant conflict, they can’t manage without each other. 

APRIL FOOLS’ DAY (Protaprilia)
Greece, 2016
Dir. Apostolis Iliopoulos

The life of a scavenger changes when he tries to find the writer of an unpublished novel that he finds in the trash.

United Kingdom, 2016
Dir. Paul Cooke, Dominic Rees-Roberts

In a near future where all antibiotics have failed, Tom and his young daughter, Amy, are quarantined in their home during a lethal pandemic. ‘Catch’ is about the love between a father and his daughter, and the lengths he will go to, to try to protect her.

JUST THIS ONCE (Hamin yek bar)   UK Premiere
Iran, 2016
Dir. Mohammad Hassan Shahmohammadi

A teenage boy claims that Dorsa, the girl next door, has beaten him up. Dorsa rejects his claim. Although everything seems to be over, unexpected developments help the truth come out.

United Kingdom, 2016
Dir. Joshua Sampson

‘Rockstars Don’t Retire’ is a 15-minute documentary film following the lives of ex-iron maiden members, touching upon the historical information of their time within Iron Maiden. The film primarily focuses upon the impact of being in one of the most successful British heavy metal bands of all time, exploring their lives throughout the decades, how their lives have changed and whether or not they are still living the so-called ‘Metal’ lifestyle.

USA, 2015
Dir. Martha Gorzycki

For ‘Karen’ people of Burma, it seems that no one hears their pleas for help as their country remains ravaged by a war that has lasted more than six decades. This documentary records the raw memories and emotions of Karen  interviewees as they share their stories. With over 10,000 photos, this film animates a landscape of memory over which ‘Voices from Kaw Thoo Lei’ may be heard.