An intense programme of documentary and experimental shorts that shines a light on the human condition.

Saturday 5th November, 4.00 PM
Approx. Runtime: 85 mins

Turkey, 2016
Dir. Müge Yildiz

Life goes on. And we are always like images in this life. When I was looking for my own existence in the streets, in the city that I live in, I found only one thing and that was just a feeling. And this feeling has been just an anxiety. This has been a part of my daily life, confronted me with mundane images that I encounter every day. As an image, myself was involved in mundaneness. I had only one chance and that was to be able to choose a companion.

COMPOUND (Composto)    UK Premiere
Brazil, 2016
Dir. Severino Neto, Rafael de Carvalho

‘Compound’ is a short documentary showing a day in the everyday life of many people in a garbage dump. Although they look distinct, gradually we realise their bonds and pursuit, as well as their motivations, wishes, desires and sorrows. 

UK Premiere
Italy, 2015
Dir. Monica Mazzitelli

Twenty girls grow up in an orphanage called “O Viveiro” (“the nursery”, in Portuguese), building their lives one millimetre per day, in the miserable and unhealthy town of Chitima, in Mozambique.
Orphan or poor, or both, they get an opportunity to invest in themselves, learn knowledge or professions, re-educate to receiving affection, set fractures of what past experiences have shattered. Not all of them succeed.

United kingdom, 2016
Dir. Jack Ashley

The language that travels through suburban England warps and develops nuances as it moves. Embedded amongst this travel, all too often, is political influence, personal preference, prejudice and the fleshing out and normalisation of hatred. This film plucks this language out from its warped upstream movements, and projects through it onto the banal interior landscape that its speakers call home. Becoming an exercise in looking and listening, towards not only speech and objects, but of the oblivious idiosyncratic nature of soft racism.

HALF – LIGHT (Meia-Luz)   International Premiere
Portugal, 2016
Dir. Giuliane Maciel

A bereaved young woman caught up in a cycle of suffering is held hostage by her own memories. Release from the past is the only way to break through the shadows and be reborn.

India, 2016
Dir. Tanmay Shah

‘Pinch Of Salt’ is a documentary about the endless fight between nature of salt making and life of salt pan workers in Gujarat since last 5000 years in India. Although the workers produce tonnes of salt, they are still buried in debt and poverty.

United Kingdom, 2016
Dir. Sally Waterman

Dwelling on the letters she received from her grandparent’s whilst she was away at university, the Director restages her memories of student life in the early 1990’s. This autobiographical narrative employs edited extracts from the diaries of the poet Sylvia Plath, whilst she was at Smith College in the early 1950’s, which mirror Waterman’s own experiences.