A colourful programme of shorts about dreams, dreamers & artists. And their quest to make the world a better place.

Saturday 5th November, 5.40 PM
Approx. Runtime: 74 mins

UK Premiere
Turkey, 2016
Dir. Okan Temizarabacı

Ahmet Muhsin lives in Antalya, Kas, Turkey. He loves music and singing rock songs. His dream is to build a band. However, it won’t be easy, all because of his job…

UK Premiere
Iran, 2016
Dir. Ario Saffarzadegan

‘Full Color’ tells a “simple” story about technology…

JAZZ ORGY (Jazz orgie)
Germany, 2015
Dir. Irina Rubina

Dots, Lines, Planes and Forms set themselves in motion and get drown into their own choreographic world. Within the ecstasy of touch, they engage with Jazz Tones into a play of colours and forms which results in a total explosion. 

NO.16, DA AN ROAD (Dà an lù èr siàng shíh liòu hào ci lóu)   UK Premiere
USA, 2016
Dir. Joanne Lin

“Open the window so the air can circulate. Keep the letters if you see my name on them, otherwise they are just ads and you can recycle them. There’s stuff in the fridge, but I will bring something back. And don’t forget to lock the door. I should be home soon sweetie.” With a sketchbook in hand, a young girl copes with her longings and loneliness through imagination.

Iran / United Kingdom, 2014
Dir. Fateme Ahmadi

On her first day of school, little Louly is faced with a question: what should she wear? The ugly school uniform or whatever she wants? Luckily, she is visited by a magic teardrop-keeper who helps her make a choice by telling the story of how the women of her nation, Iran, have strived to answer this question for 200 years.

PAPER MOMENTS (Lahazate kaghazi)   UK Premiere
Iran, 2016
Dir. Sahar Tarzi

An Iranian girl secretly goes to the basement of her house, using her fantasy to escape the dull reality of the world outside…

SILENT MASK    UK Premiere    
Iraq / Kurdistan, 2016
Dir. Mazin M Sherabayani

Lonely and isolated in a land where once was the cradle of images and sculptors, an artist is struggling to attract spectators, while commercial and popular arts are substituting the aesthetic of his true art.


USA, 2015
Dir. Carole Eglash-Kosoff

The art of David Labkovski tells a story, a story that begins in Vilna at a time when the city was considered the Jerusalem of Lithuania. A talented, but unknown, Jewish artist survived the Holocaust through his art in his native Vilna, Lithuania, and during eight years in a Siberian prison camp, he served as a sketch and tattoo artist.

Malaysia, 2016
Dir. Ze Rebelle

‘Univerze’ tells the story of Ze Rebelle, who felt she didn’t belong on the planet she was from. As she was being captured by the authorities, a mysterious figure comes to her rescue. At once and to her relief, her life was never the same again. These metaphors portrayed are everything but a fantasy in Rebelle’s personal journey as an artist. Welcome to her Univerze.


Italy, 2016
Dir. Alessandra Turcato, Alessio De Marchi

‘What Weee Are’ is an ongoing multifaceted socio-cultural multimedia project searching the deeper meaning of the World. A quest through waste and the richness of the Earth, trying to untangle the intricacy of human, so called, society. This everlasting cosmology is represented with a collection of sculptures in which electronic waste is turned into disturbing insects, a means to deeper thoughts.